The three simple craps strategies that may work or not in the game play

Craps betting startegies

Craps is a perfect game involving betting strategies to apply while playing the game. Many players use the best bets or some use bad bets or some players use the combination of betting both good and bad to win or lose. The main two types of betting strategies involved are the  conservative strategies by making one or two bets and taking them away before things get out of control and all-encompassing strategies with bets all over the board. Here are the three simple craps strategies which may work or not in the game play.

1. Classic Regression Strategy

In this strategy wait for the dealer to announce the point.Place a $6 bet on the 6 and a $6 bet on the 8. Wait for the dealer to roll. Ask the dealer to take a chip off of each pile. Keep your bet on the table until the dealer rolls a 7.

This is one of the solid betting strategies to go. Though individual numbers like 7 are more likely to come up than others like 1 or 12, each combination is just as likely as any other. Two 1’s is just as likely as a 4 and 5, or a 3 and 6. There are 10 combinations that make a 6 or 8, and only 6 combinations that make a 7, so it’s more likely than not that this strategy will win. It still may not be a winner over time. It seems obvious that if a 7 just came up, it may be a while before it comes up again, but that just isn’t true. It’s just as likely the 7 will come late into the strategy when there are only 2 chips on the table as in the beginning when there is a fresh $12 on the line. There’s no delaying the inevitable. The 7 may strike at any moment.

2. The Three Point Molly Strategy

In this you place a Pass Line bet with single or double odds. Place a Come Line wager with single or double odds. Hang on tight and collect the winnings until a 7 comes up. Always replace the Come Bet after winning. With both bets in place, there are no wrong answers. Except for the numbers that don’t count, of course. There are less wrong answers, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, the extra bet security doesn’t pay. The cost of the extra chips does not make up for the probability of getting a win from the other rolls. It is better just to stick with the single most probable bet instead of going for the mix and match.

3. Anything but Seven Strategy

Here wait for the dealer to announce the point. Bet $6 each on the 5, 6, and 8. Bet $3 on the Field. Wait for the dealer to roll 3 times. Take all your bets away before the fourth roll. Because there are chips scattered across the board, win is trickling in every turn. Maybe not quite enough money to make up for the expensive $21 invested, but still a lot. Having the board covered with bets may feel safe, but it’s actually the opposite. Wins may be coming in almost every time, but this number of bets is expensive to maintain and it’s difficult to realize exactly how quickly it’s also going away from hands.