5 reasons why most craps players lose


No one wants to lose any game. Right. But winning and losing are part of any game experience. If you win then that’s for sure you played well and were  good at that particular game and if you lose that means you did not played well and lacked the basic strategy of the game play. Here are the 5 reasons why most craps players lose.

  1. Odds of the game are against the players

Now this is very simple and understandable. You should never forget that casino games have a built-in advantage for the house and often expected for you to lose. Casino industry is a business and there is a profit built in every game they deal at the casino.

  1. Players do not try to win

Many players at the casino come for fun and excitement. They seldom think of winning a game. As craps is a very exciting game at the table where often players are shouting and cheering with each roll of the dice many players just are happy in this experience, and buy in for $20, $40,$100, $500 or even more with no real anticipation of winning. The players of this kind do not every try to win or learn the game or show interest in real percentages on the craps table. They do not care about the table odds offered by the casino in which they are playing. They just form a pattern on the proposition bet for the excitement if one of them goes on a hit. Such players usually constitute the majority of the house winnings at the end of each shift.

  1. Players often believe in superstitions and myths.

Myths hover around the craps table and often target even the best players with their superstition. The result is dangerous and players lose and they play without any consideration of simple mathematics and game strategy. They just try to be lucky with the myth of numbers and other such false implications that they have in mind.

  1. Player do not take heed of their bank roll

It is often seen that many of the players at any game be it crap also do not have a set budget to play the game. They do not come plan at the casino to play games and also are not self disciplined in their finances. Such players lack patience and are unrealistic in their approach. For any player to think that they can buy in to a craps game with anywhere from $20to $500 and leave the table with thousands and thousands is just not facing reality.

A committed and serious player sets his bankroll. He targets a amount only for that game and does not exceed that amount whether he loses or wins sildenafil 100m order. They are satisfied with even smallest win and are not tempted to stake more and lose all. They have a set timetable to play and they stick to it. Often they quit when their time is up. But many players are just opposite and therefore lose the game and money.

  1. Players make bad bets.

Craps game offers so some very good bets and some very bad bets. It’s a simple matter to stick to the good bets  like the Pass Bet, Come Bet, Don’t Pass Bet, Don’t Come Bet and backed with an Odds bet but most players don’t stick to these and play losing with bad bets.

Like when playing with the Proposition Bets in the middle of the table they place Bets on the outside numbers  like 5,9,4, or 10. Also they  fail to make the Free Odds bet. The Free Odds bet has no house advantage and can increase your chances of winning the game of craps if you play it properly. But most players fail to take the maximum odds offered by the casino and thus lose.

Overcoming these reasons will surely help you win the craps game. There is nothing difficult about it. Just learn how to manage the game properly and play wisely.