How craps dealers keep track of your bets


How often have you forgot your own bet at craps table or any other casino game. You must be amazed as how the dealer at the craps table is going to keep track of your as well as other players bets. You wonder how come the dealer at once answers to you when you ask him as what number you have placed your wager on.

Well it is quite simple if you just pay a bit of attention to the craps table. Your wagers are placed on the table layout accordingly to where your bank is located on the table RACK. Your position is therefore determined by where your gaming checks are located, not where you are standing or may be sitting. There are 8 player positions on each side of the table on a standard craps table. The player positions are numbered 1-8 on each side of the table. If your bank is located on the RACK right next to the Stickman ,you are position Number 1. Positions 2,3,4,5,6,and 7 follow around the table to position  number 8 which will be right next to a Dealer.

Craps Table

Dealers place player wagers for Place Bets, Come Bets, and Don’t Come bets in the same exact order in which the players bank is located on the rack. On multiple bets your wagers will be positioned in the same place within each respective box and same will be placed for your Hardway Bets.

Similarly dealers pay wagers in the exact order in which the wagers are placed. Come Bets are paid first, from “Stick” to “Base” positions 1 to 8. Then Place Bets are paid in the same order from Stick to Base. If you are a Place bettor, you have to wait for the Come bets to be paid even though it may appear as though the dealer is paying off out of sequence. Don’t bets are paid when the shooter Sevens Out and are paid in the same order, stick to base.

Still if you are confused about where your bets are placed, the best thing to do is to try to position yourself in base position, number 8, right next to either dealer. In this way it will be easy to talk directly to the dealer with a minimum of confusion and the dealer will clarify the positioning of your wagers, and the dealer will be able to inform you if you do not have wagers placed according your preference.

Thus you see that the dealers follow strict sequence for both bets and paying off. They seldom go off their track. This way also helps them to tack payouts and ensure that the right people are paid the right amounts. Now never doubt as how the dealer keeps track of your bets and play. You may see chips scattered everywhere at the game table but the dealer knows exactly who owns every single chip on the table.