The 7 most popular Craps Myths Busted


When you enter a casino to play any casino game you will hear from gossip mongers many types of stories related to the game and its beliefs. This happens often when you are playing table games or any card game like Blackjack. Each game though revolves around its own web of myths and superstitions here is what the 7 most popular Craps myths busted for you to find the reality and not to believe in any such kind of rumour.

Myth # 1. Playing craps at casinos will make you lose your money quickly

Now this is very humorous kind of myth. The casino does not make your lose your money quickly. It actually offers you an almost-even game with the house, as long as you are smart enough to make the right bets. Betting the Pass Line and full double odds means your mathematical expectation is to win back 99.4% of what you wager. Also while the casino may hope you lose, the casino staff will never want. The casino dealers wish for you to win because that is the only way that they will get tip from you. Dealers are happy when players are winning. Just think why would a dealer work all day hard for you and want you to lose in the end.

Myth #2. The House changes dealers intentionally to change your luck.

This is also not true. Take note of that dealers on the Craps table are rotated every 20 minutes — 20 on stick, and 20-20on the two base positions. Then a dealer takes a 20 minute break. The only other time that dealers are changed is on shift changeover, or when a job candidate auditions, or when a break-in dealer is overloaded with action and is replaced by a more tenured dealer in order to keep the game moving.

Myth # 3. The Stickman sends out the dice to a shooter with a 7 then it is bad luck.

This myth is just based on players not understanding that the odds of a 7 being rolled are one out of six no matter how you look at it. Professional stickpersons just don’t send the dice out on a 7 anyway. But sometimes the dice hit chips or tumble unintentionally when being sent to the shooter, sometimes ending up on a 7. Most hot-shot players usually pre-set the dice to their preference or shake them up anyway sildenafil citrate 100mg.

Myth # 4. If your dice or a die bounces off the table it is bad luck.

So did your dice bounced off the table. This is no bad luck. There is just the fact that the odds of rolling a 7 are one in six. The biggest complainer about a 7 rolling after a die has bounced off the table is usually the shooter who couldn’t control the dice in the first place, or the shooter who calls same dice and then feels miserable when his same dice seven-out.

Myth # 5. New Shooter is a sign of good luck.

There is no such thing as something causing good luck. First-time shooters are only remembered when they have a good roll and quickly forgotten when they seven-out.

Myth # 6. Blah Blah is a good shooter.

Shooting dice is not a skill, it’s a matter of luck and mathematics. Therefore you cannot have this myth that so and so person is a good shooter. You too can be, right.

Myth #7. Seven and Eleven are lucky numbers

Again a popular myth often heard at the craps table. Remember all numbers are lucky . There is no such thing as a lucky number. Seven and eleven probably got their reputation for being lucky because either one will win a Come-Out roll. But betting on seven or eleven individually are the absolute worst bets on the table. The dealers consider this as rude when someone bets on 7 or 11 for them.

Now do you still believe in such craps myth. Absolutely not.