Five interesting facts about craps that you would love to know

Craps Interesting facts

Craps is such an interesting table game that it is widely played around the world. It is loved by players because it is the game played with dice and can be found commonly at every casino and even online.  This game of chance has a low house advantage and even new players can win if played wisely with luck on their side. Here find the five interesting facts about this game that you would really love to know.

1. Craps is the oldest game to find in history

You can trace the history of craps back to medieval times. The original craps was a game called Hazard, of which records have been found that date back to the Crusades. This game continued to evolve throughout history and eventually made its way to America via French and British immigrants who brought craps with them.

The name craps derives from the French crapaud, meaning toad, which is probably a reference to the way players would squat down to shoot dice on the streets when craps tables were unavailable.

The layout and design of the modern craps table you see at a casino or online is a recent invention by a dice-maker called John H. Winn, who also created the betting styles used today and contributed to the surge in popularity of craps during the 20th century.

2. Craps table is managed by four people

Yes it is true that it takes four people to manage craps tables properly. Craps tables are usually the centre of activity in the casino, with plenty of people buzzing around them, some playing and some just enjoying the show. Craps tables are also unique because they require more dealers to manage them; which is why you’re likely to find fewer craps tables at a casino compared to other table games. In fact, there are typically four casino employees standing around a craps table. There’s the box person who takes note of the outcome of every roll and keep an eye on the chips being passed around, two dealers who place bets on the table and push chips to and fro, as well as the stickman who gives the dice to the players and takes care of the proposition bets placed at the centre of the table.

3. The longest craps dice roll ever lasted over four hours

You would say what did the craps dice roll lasted over 4 hours. But this is true as New Jersey grandmother Patricia Demauro beat the one-in-a-1.56 trillion odds of rolling a pair of dice 154 consecutive times at the craps table.

While indulging in a night at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa with a friend, Demauro grew tired of working the penny slots and decided to shoot some dice at the craps table. Four hours and 18 minutes later, she was still sending the dice flying having become apparently immune to “sevening out” in that span of time.

The exhausted grandma caused quite a stir after a crowd of people formed around her to witness the miracle as she rolled every combination possible except a seven. When she finally bowed out, Demauro admitted to a lady who was standing next to her that she didn’t know how to play the game. That’s interesting.

4. Craps game carries the superstition of number seven

As with other table games and even pokies or lotto games craps too carries many superstitions. One of them is the scary number seven.  The strange beliefs have something to do with the number seven, which is both the most beloved and feared number in the game. Many players will refuse to mention the number seven by name, preferring to call it “it” or “the devil” while playing.

There are more statistical chances that a seven will be rolled than any other outcome in craps, and people believe that seven will show up more frequently when there is a larger number of players betting on the don’t pass line or when there are more so-called “wrong” players around the table, which means they will lose when a seven is thrown in the come out rolls.

5. Craps have recorded the biggest money records of the game

As with other casino games, craps too has set records for many players like Archie Karas, punter who has gone down in history books as the guy who managed to turn a $17 million fortune into an eye-popping $40 million over a period of several months betting on craps in the mid-1990s, sometimes betting as much as a hundred grand on one roll. One of the most daring bets ever placed at craps happened in 1980, when William Lee Bergstrom wagered $777,000 on the don’t pass line and won.

Besides these five interesting facts remember that it is in this game that you will find so many bets that you can place and learn a whole new language when playing at the casinos. If you are new player to this game then no worries there are many casinos over the internet that offer this game for free to practice so that you can quickly grasp the basic of this game and learn the fundamental skills needed to succeed, such as the different probabilities of rolling certain numbers.

Before you indulge in real money play it is better to know the best betting strategies in the game of craps and experience yourself the excitement and thrill at craps table.