The ten common mistakes you should avoid when playing Craps

Craps- Mistakes to avoid when playing

With table games you need to understand the rules of the game and know how to play before you indulge in real money game play. Craps is also one of the most exciting table games with various kinds of bets and strategies to apply. So before you start the real game show here are the ten common mistakes you should avoid when playing craps.

1. Never try to hand cash a dealer

So now you are at the Craps Table and wishing to go for real money play. Remember dealers aren’t allowed to take cash from your hand, so simply lay your money on the table. The dealer will give you chips, and you’re ready to stick it to the house.

2. Not holding the dice over the table

There are lots of rules in casinos, typically intended to either keep people from cheating or employees from stealing. Always keep the dice in sight of the dealers and boxman.

3. Do not touch the dice with two hands

It’s exciting shooting the dice, but if you’re a new craps player, experienced players are going to love having you shoot the dice, too. Just make sure to only use one hand to shake or throw the dice. Using two hands makes the house nervous as some cheaters try to switch the dice for loaded ones.

4. Not hitting the back wall

Throw the dice all the way down, or the dealers will let you hear about it. This ensures each roll is truly random, and there’s no funny business sometimes called “dice control” or “precision shooting” going on.

5. Not knowing the chip denomination colors

Before you begin play, make sure you know the colors associated with each denomination of chip. Red chips, for example, are typically worth $5. Green are worth $25, and so on. This helps a lot when a helpful dealer says, “If you’d like to bet on 6 and 8, I’ll need $12.” If you do not know then it is total chaos.

6. Avoid spills when holding a drink over the table

You will see people at casinos enjoying drinks while playing.  That leads to spills, and the felt on table games is especially vulnerable. So, take a sip and place your drink on the special “rail” down below. Also don’t forget to tip your waitress. The chip rail is on top, by the way, with ample room for your winnings.

7. Do not dangle your hands over the table

Seasoned gamblers are very superstitious, especially craps players. Avoid their hard stares by keeping your hands out of the way of the dice. Hands are better put to use clapping in support of hot shooters.

8. Avoid shouting out late bets

“Get your bets in early!” is a common saying among dealers. Waiting until the last minute to make a bet can cause confusion and delays at the table. Make your bets when the dice are in the middle of the table, before they’re pushed to the shooter.

9. Mistaking dealer placed bets for self-serve

Some craps bets are made directly by players, and others are made by the dealers. For the most part, anything within arm’s reach is your responsibility. Otherwise, set your chips in the middle of the table (the area marked “Come” is a good spot), and tell the dealer your bet. If you’re confused about which bets are which, just watch and ask questions. You’ll find other players and dealers are very helpful.

10. Avoid saying “seven” at the table

This is one of the worst mistake you can make. Don’t say the word “seven” out loud at the craps table.  Learn the gaming rituals, know the game rules and superstitions revolving around the game so that you too enjoy the game and have fun.

Keep these things in mind and avoid such mistakes while entering the casino and looking for craps game to enjoy.