Where to find Best Craps in Las Vegas

Play Craps in Las Vegas

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas and wish to enjoy Craps games at casinos then you can look here for the best craps casinos offering cheap minimums; lessons and the best odds and rules to play this game.

One of the things that makes Las Vegas so great is that there’s plenty of competition. Even though the house edge for 2x odds craps remains one of the lowest in the casino, it’s not what it used to be and there are plenty of options for better odds for craps players.

There are two things that make for a great craps game a fun and comfortable atmosphere and good odds.  At Casino Royale you can try your hand at one of the many table games featuring $3 Craps (selected dates & times), 3X 4X 5X Odds on Craps. Similarly at Main Street Station 20x odds with few game tables to play. Also at the D, Downtown Grand, El Cortez, Golden Gate, Plaza, Red Rock, Stratosphere the odds are 10x followed by four Queens casino and Binion’s with 5x Craps odds.
The house edge is when your pass line wager is accompanied by maximum odds. The minimum pass line wager for most of these casinos is $5 so your minimum wager with maximum odds for the games ranges from $30 ($5 + $25 for 5x odds) to $505 ($5 x $500 for 100x odds). There’s really a good odds option available for any sized bankroll – especially in Downtown Vegas.

El Cortez

El Cortez is located in Downtown Vegas and offers playing craps in a low-key environmentthat  can be fun. It’s a very zen feeling as easier to “become one” with the dice.  Also it’s not entirely a tourist casino so you’ll find plenty of older locals, especially during the week. You’ll find a younger and much less sober crowd rolling dice on the weekend which is a different kind of fun.

Golden Gate

The Golden Gate has an intimate casino which is small, tight and there’s not a lot of space to move around. The ceiling is low so that you can almost touch it. The craps tables are combustible on the weekend.
The confined feeling and somewhat loud dance music makes the atmosphere in the casino intense. The energy at the Golden Gate craps games is explosive and has nowhere to go but into your body. This feeling is unmatched by any casino. The combination of great energy and odds make this a favorite Vegas craps game.

The D

The D has another favorite craps game. Similar to the Golden Gate (both casinos are operated by the same company) The D has 10x odds, loud music, dancing dealers and an all around party atmosphere. The D has higher ceilings and a larger casino floor than the Golden Gate so it feels less intense but still fun. Also upstairs is the Vue Bar where they have great video poker and excellent bartenders. They also have free lessons at noon.

Play Craps in Las Vegas

Main Street Station

At the Main Street Station the 20x odds craps game is always packed. The majority of players don’t take advantage of full odds but since it’s usually the only craps table open so it’s always crowded. Main Street Station doesn’t have a party vibe like some of other casinos unless you’re hitting points.

Craps tables at The Cromwell Hotel & Casino and Casino Royale

The Cromwell Hotel & Casino has overtaken long-time winner Casino Royale has having the best craps game on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Cromwell is the only Strip casino to have 100x odds on craps. This is by far, the most generous odds in Las Vegas, and certainly on the Strip, as no other Strip joint even goes to 10x odds. Most casinos on the strip, (including the Casino Royale now), only offer the standard 3x,4x,5x odds.

In addition, to having the best odds, the Crowmwell has $5 limits, (although this is becoming rarer). Most of the time, (especially at night), there will only be $10 minimums available.

Now the catch is, that to take advantage of the 100x odds, you’d have to have $5 on the pass line, (or $1,000 at a $10 minimum table), and not many of us have $500 or $1,000 in cash to back up our pass line bet. Still knowing you can back up your bet with $100 or more during a nice roll is music to the ears of degenerates like me who are constantly pressing our bets.
The unheralded, sometimes forgotten Casino Royale used to be casino craps leader of the Las Vegas Strip. And still is a great place to play, especially for low-rollers.

Not only may you come here for the $1 beers, but you’ll find $5 minimums and a rowdy, fun environment.

The $5 craps tables are becoming a thing of the past, although my understanding is that you’ll still find them at the Luxor and Excalibur or find one at Bally’s during the day sometimes.

Typically, the ritzier Strip casinos have $10 tables during the day, and bump that to $15, or even $25 during the evening. Keep in mind, if you happen to be playing on a $10 table, and the minimum is raised while you’re playing, you are typically grandfathered in and allowed to keep playing at the $10 level until you leave.

As for lessons, you’ll be able to find free craps lessons at many of the major casinos on the Strip. Places like the Linq, Flamingo, Luxor, New-York New York, and Palazzo all offer free craps lessons.

The Fremont Hotel and Casino, also has $3 minimum craps tables, but only during certain times.

Other Fremont Street casinos, such as the Plaza, Four Queens, and Fremont Hotel and Casino, often offer the $5 minimum game at night, including weekend nights. Another hotel just off of Fremont Street, the fairly newly remodeled Downtown Grand, has $5 games, and it’s craps tables offer the Fire Bet.

The nicest hotel on Fremont Street, the Golden Nugget, has $10 minimums during the day, and $15 at night. At nearly every casino, you’ll be able to find the “Shoot To Win” electronic bubble craps game, with minimums as low as $1.

As for the lowest live craps limits you can find at the Jokers Wild Casino, which is a way, way, way off-Strip property, located in Henderson, which is a suburb south and east of Las Vegas.

This locals place, however, may have the lowest craps minimums in the world, with a $1 minimum craps table. They also offer 10x odds.

If you are new to craps games then there are free lessons, and plenty of tables with low minimums. For the more advanced player, shooting dice in Sin City not only offers you some of the highest odds you’ll find, but an array of tempting side bets that you shouldn’t take advantage of, but probably will.