The Tipping Strategy at the Craps Table

Craps Dealer

Tipping is one of the fundamentals at the casino etiquettes. It not only is considered a way to be more friendly with the casino staff but also is rewarding when the game of craps is going on at the table. But proper way of tipping is what makes you look like a professional player of craps. Here you will find how and when to tip as well as the rewards for tipping.

When to Tip

You can tip at the end of your playing session, or during your playing  session.

  • To make a tip at the end of your session, simply color in and gently toss your tip chip(s) to the center of the table and say, “For the crew, thanks guys.”
  • The disadvantage of this tip is that waiting to tip at the end of the game makes you miss out on all the rewards you can gain throughout the entire session.
  • Tipping during your play not only helps you to be more communicative and friendly with the dealer resulting in more fun for you and the potential for the dealer to make mistakes in your favor.
  • It is advisable to tip within the first five minutes of your start of play. This focuses the attention of the crew at the table towards you. Because the house advantage is so high, the only time you ever make any kind of proposition bet is for a tip.
  • You can usually toss in a $1 tip bet every 15 or 20 minutes whether you are winning or losing, which equates to $3 or $4 per hour.
  • Although drinks may be free where you’re playing, you should give the waitress at least a $1 tip per drink request.
  • Increase your tipping amount considerably during a hot roll.

How to Tip?

You can Tip either directly or by by making a bet for the crew.

If you want to make a hand-in tip, simply toss in your chip(s) and say, “For the crew.”  One of the dealers picks it up, announces to the boxman that you gave the tip, and then places it in the dealers’ tip box or on the side of the table.  The dealer informs the boxman so the boxman doesn’t think the dealer is being secretive about the casino money into the tip box.  The entire crew will then acknowledge your kindness and thank you.

If you prefer tipping the crew by making bets for the crew then you have more fun and excitement at the table. For example, during a hot roll, dealers often get as excited as the players when they have several bets on the table.

When those dealer Hardway bets get pressed up to $50 each, you can bet the dealer is quite energetic too.  For example, if all 16 players at the table continually add to a crew’s Hardway bet during a hot roll, it doesn’t take long for it to get to $50.  If a Hard 4 or Hard 10 hits, the crew wins $350 plus the $50 bet.  If a Hard 6 or Hard 8 hits, they win $450 plus the $50 bet.  At that level, the dealers too are all loud and excited as the players.

Which bet dealers prefer?

Dealers prefer Pass Line and Place bets over proposition bets, but you should stick with the Hardways bet.  They’d rather have a good chance of winning a little from a Pass Line bet than a poor chance of winning a lot from a proposition bet.  For example, the true odds of hitting a Hard 4 are only 8:1, which means the dealers expect to hit only one out of nine Hard 4 bets.  The true odds of hitting a Place 6 bet are 6:5, which means they expect to hit this bet almost every other time.

If you want to make a Pass Line bet for the crew, put their chip next to yours on the Pass Line and tell the dealer, “This one’s for you.”  If you win, be careful not to pick up the dealer’s winnings.

It is good to tip every 15 or 20 minutes a $1 Hardway bet for the crew.  As a hot roll develops you increase your dealer’s Hardway bet. Tip like this only during a hot roll.   A hot roll develops and you have all numbers covered with Pass Line and Place bets.  Assume the point is 9.  The dealer service and treatment have been good and you haven’t given a tip in about 15 minutes, so your tip is due to go.

Rewards for Tipping

Dealers will treat you better than stiffs (players who doesn’t tip), so they help make your overall gaming experience more enjoyable

If you tip, dealers tend to be more polite to you.  They’re more likely to talk about last night’s game, or where to get a best wine, or if someone was eyeing on you.

Because you have tipped the dealers they tend to let you get away with many little things that seem not so important, but when combined make a big difference in your playing experience.  For example, a dealer may request a stiff to strictly adhere to the casino’s policy on where to put his Place-bet chips on the layout.  However, that same dealer may allow a steady tipper to put his Place‑bet chips on the layout wherever she wants except, of course, in the point boxes.

After playing for some time when it is time to leave you may ask for food (dinner or lunch) “chit” or coupon.  The boxman will tell the pit boss that you asked for a meal comp visit this site right here.  If the pit boss is friendly, he may give you a $5, $10, or $20 discount coupon or maybe even a free meal.  You never know unless you ask, so don’t be afraid to ask.  All you have to do is ask the dealer if there is any chance you can get a food coupon.  If you have been tipping and the pit boss knows that you made the game more enjoyable for the rest of the players, he will be more inclined to give you that comp.

Remember dealers don’t expect a person who’s losing to tip. But if you’re winning, toss a chip every so often. Dealer is not looking for a stack of chips, but don’t stiff the dealer if you’re on a winning streak.”

Dealers make a meagre base pay, and they live on tips. So tipping is what they value. Also if you have decided to tip at the end of the game then tip some amount if you have won. This means not a $1 or less for the dealer as this is not a good sign. Remember you may return at the same table soon to play again.

Finally if you cannot afford to tip at all then better look for some other casino table game or slot machines where no tipping is required.