The new Bitcoin casino to play Craps, Dice Games and Pokies

The new Bitcoin casino to play Craps, Dice Games and Pokies

There is a continuous rise in Bitcoin deposits at online casinos and more and more online casinos, even the hybrd casinos like Fair Go, Emu casino, Rich Casino and others started accepting deposits with Bitcoins and various other cryptocurrencies so that players can play slots and other casino games with Bitcoins.

There is certainly a rise in many new online casinos that will start using Bitcoins. One such exclusive Bitcoin casino that has made its early entry is Mint Dice Casino. Mint Dice Casino offers a  variety of games from dice, slots, Plinko, and a variety of other popular games. 

Mint Dice Casino offers multiple cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Blocknet, NEO, Decred, ZCoin and more. MintDice’s core mission is to maintain a gambling service that is fun and social – involving everyone in its community. 

Mint Dice is a legit casino licensed with Curaco gambling commission and offers provabily fair and secure games.

Games you can enjoy at Mint Dice

Games you can enjoy at Mint Dice

Besides the regular casino games most popular being Bitcoin dice and slots, there are a number of social games like Bit Rocket and Pyramid. Bit Rocket is a skill game where your odds of winning increase as more players contribute toward the betting pool. One percent of the total pot will be created in the bonus pot. This means if 3 players contribute 15,000 satoshis, the bonus pot adds 150 satoshis to the pool. If this wasn’t appealing enough, the minimum deposits required is just 10,000 satoshis and the minimum amount to place a bet is one satoshi.

MintDice uses an algorithm that allows players to review their bets and verify data first hand, without having to rely on an external party to do so for them. This feature alone sets them apart from the bulk of virtual gaming companies currently operating in the space.

Mint Dice virtual game of dice

The entire decentralization revolution is centered around improving trust by removing the need to trust. A verifiable algorithm along with transparent data points is certainly a welcome addition to this narrative.

Also the unique thing is that Mint Dice runs a staking/masternode pool, where users can invest capital and essentially earn a portion of profits generated from MintDice’s games. The ability to be both a customer and beneficiary of the company’s success, at the same time, is an opportunity definitely worth consideration.

To open a profitable casino 20 years ago, you would have to first find land in a casino oriented city like Las Vegas or Atlantic City, set up shop, and finally run it. Fairly simple, except it requires millions of dollars in the capital at the very minimum.

Today, it is as easy as investing in a pool of capital to absorb profits off the trades taken on the platform. The simplicity brought by the internet and innovative platforms like MintDice changes the way retail investors can allocate capital and gain investment exposure to very specific industries.

MintDice has a very detailed guide to using their platform as well as simple strategies for their more complex games to get the ball rolling for new users.

To company complies with necessary regulations and required users to verify they are above 18 years of age before signing up. Additionally, there is an in house bitcoin faucet to allow players to fund their own playing with freely won cryptocurrency.

Mint Dice Bonus offers

Mint Dice Bonus offers

Mint Dice offers various bonuses to its players as well as many affiliate programs. You can find some of its latest offers at Reddit.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals

There are various crytpcurrencies to use at Mind Dice Casino. You can use Bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, Doge, Gas, Decred, Pivx, ZCoin, Neo, Blocknet and Lux. To make a deposit  simply need to go to your account page here or by clicking in the upper right hand corner on the home page after you have set up your casino account. You will automatically be taken to your balance and deposit window. In order to deposit, click the ‘refresh’ icon as pictured below:


When you click the icon you will generate a wallet address or QR code that you may use. A new wallet will be generated every time for your privacy and security.

To make a withdrawal at Mint Dice there will be smaller hot wallet balances available for withdrawal at any time. Larger withdrawals will be put into a manual processing queue and sent within 24 hours. This is done for both your and MintDice’s security.

Finally, if you need any help in gaming or banking at Mint Dice Casino you can write to