Four Craps side bets to use when playing Craps at online casinos

Four Craps side bets to use when playing Craps at online casinos

Craps side bets is a good way to build or bust your bankroll. Like most side bets, the newer craps bets often come with a hefty house edge so if you want that chance for the big win, you’re going to have to pay for it. Here are four Craps side bets to use when playing Craps at online casinos.

Fielder’s Choice : Fielder’s Choice is a collection of three optional side bets for the standard game of craps, which include Left Side (Left Field), Middle (Center Field), and Right Side (Right Field). All Fielder’s Choice wagers are available at every dice roll, and are resolved immediately after the dice roll, similar to standard craps Field wagers. Each Fielder’s Choice wager wins if the dice total matches one of the designated values and loses otherwise. 

Craps side bets

Fielder’s Fire Bet: Fire Bet is an exciting addition to any standard casino craps table. Players can win up to 1,000 to 1 odds on any HOT shooter. Players are paid odds based on how many “individual points” a shooter can successfully make before he or she sevens-out. The term “individual points” refers to when the shooter successfully makes a point from the pool of points (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) that has not been previously made. Successfully making the same point more than once will only count as one individual point towards a payoff threshold.

“Individual Points” DO NOT have to be made in any specific order.
Only a seven out results in the bet losing.

Sample Pay Table
(6) “Individual Points” pays 1000 for 1
(5) “Individual Points” pays 250 for 1
(4) “Individual Points” pays 25 for 1 

Repeater Bets: Repeater Bets is a bonus wager offered on craps, where wagers can be made on any number not being tracked. Repeater Bets win if the number wagered is rolled a predetermined number of times (sequentially or not), and lose if seven is rolled.  

Sharp Shooter: Sharp Shooter is an optional side bet for craps that rewards a hot roll. Players win if the shooter establishes and makes 3 points before they sevens-out. The more points the shooter makes, the more players win! The maximum payout is for 10 points. Players must make the Sharp Shooter bet before the come-out roll of a new shooter. Players place their bets on the felt and ask the dealer to move their side bets to the appropriate betting circles. Payouts are made when the shooter sevens-out, provided he or she made at least 3 points.

point 7 side bet craps

Point 7: This is perhaps the simplest side bet you’ll find on any craps table. If you make this bet, you’re hoping that the shooter will roll a point on the come out roll, and then roll a seven on the very next roll. If these two things happen, you win at odds of 7-1. The house edge on this bet is just over 11%.

All Bet: The All Bet is another long shot craps bet that pays off big when it does come in. If the shooter can throw every other number before throwing a seven, the bet pays off at 174-1. Of course, this is a very difficult feat to accomplish, and the house edge on the bet stands at about 8%. However, this is a pretty low edge as side bets go, so the big payoff might be attractive to some craps players.

7 Point 7: In this bet, players are rooting for the shooter to roll a seven as early as possible. If the shooter throws a seven on the come out roll, the bet pays 2-1. If they throw a seven on the first roll after setting a point, the bet pays 3-1. In all other cases, the bet loses.

This craps side bet also has a fairly small house edge of about 5.5%, the lowest of any of the side bets we’ve look at so far. However, there isn’t the chance of a huge win like in some of the other side bets. If you’re looking for some steady action that will pay off on a fairly regular basis, however, 7 Point 7 will give you what you want.

Midway Bet: This bet is available at a few casinos in Atlantic City and possibly in other locations as well. The Midway Bet pays out if the shooter throws a six, seven or eight on their next roll. Winning the bet usually pays even money, unless a hard six or hard eight (one in which the shooter rolls a pair of threes or fours, respectively) is rolled, in which case the bet pays 2-1. The Midway Bet has a house edge of about 5.5%.

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