The five basic rules to follow when playing a Free Odds
In the game of craps as there are many bets  and the gamers who make the the Pass Line Bet have a chance to lower the house edge by making “taking the odds” or making the “free odds” bet. This is called free odds because the wager has a 0% […]

The five basic rules in Craps to follow when playing ...

Whirl bet
The whirl also known as the world bet in craps is the bet that is a combination of bets that includes the horn bet and the any seven bet in the game. The horn bet itself is a combination of different bets in which you are wagering on the shooter rolling a 2, 3, […]

What is Whirl Bet in the game of craps how ...

Yo Bet in Craps
There are many bets in the game of craps that you must be familiar with. One of the bets in this game of Craps is known as Yo bet which is actually a roll of eleven in craps and is called as ‘yo’ or ‘yo leven’ or ‘yo eleven’. This […]

What is Yo Bet in the game of Craps and ...

The big six and big eight
To know which bets are the best on Craps Odds you need to first understand the types of Craps bets. Craps offers the following types of bets at the game table: The Pass Line Bet Come Bet The Don’t Pass Bet The Don’t Pass Bar Field Bet Big Six and […]

Which bets are the best on Craps Odds?

Iron Craps system
Many players over the time develop either their own Craps system to play the game or follow the already existing craps system and betting strategy to get the most out of the game of craps. Iron cross craps system is not new as many casinos pay double on a field […]

What is Iron Cross Craps System and how to play ...

Control dice in craps
Often you have seen at the movies or TV ads how a player shakes the dice thoroughly and throws it down the craps table  and the dice rolls over the craps table but just to lose. Purely shaking the dice randomly didn’t get you any wins but you are pumping […]

How to shoot and control the dice in the game ...

Craps winning strategies
Winning the game of Craps is to understand the bets in the game, knowing the odds and the control of the dice or shooting as called in the casino term. If you have grasped the rules of the games and wish to play the game at online or land casinos […]

The best winning strategies talked by experts to win the ...

Where to play Craps online in 2018 as an Aussie player?
With the latest amendment  Interactive Gambling Bill 2016 most of the online casinos are no longer accepting Aussie players at their casino to play real money games. But Australians are allowed to play free games and there is no restriction at present on enjoying an online casino. Reputed casinos like […]

Where to play Craps online in 2018 as an Aussie ...

Craps Tournament
Craps tournaments are those craps games that are played at online and land casinos with other players in a competitive environment. Though craps is a game of chance, but with a few strategic moves, you could stand a chance to win big at a craps tournament. You can find many […]

What are Craps tournament and how to win them?

Craps Streak
In Craps players often look for Streaks which means the past strategies and bets used by players to win the game. Players want to know the way to bet, the types of bets to use, different betting systems and much more. There are many players who claim or seem to […]

What are Craps streaks and how to detect winning streaks ...

The best 10 phrases in craps
As a new player you often wonder at the Craps games table as what the players are saying. Sounds confusing though you attempt to make some sense out of their words and attempt to guess what they are saying and in what language. First thing you should always remember as […]

The best 10 phrases in Craps game that can help ...

Craps Tips to win
Craps is one of the favourite dice games that players love to enjoy at the casinos. There are many bets that provide the possibility to beat the casino at craps and hit big payouts, with some providing a bigger house advantage than others. Rolling the dice is simple enough, however, learning […]

The best five hot tips to know as how to ...

Craps System
While playing craps and rolling the dice at the casino you always look forward to a safe system of play. You want to stand at the low risk of betting and losing. Here are the 11 such best systems to follow which are safe way to follow while playing the […]

11 best systems to follow in the game of Craps

Play Craps in Las Vegas
If you are planning to visit Las Vegas and wish to enjoy Craps games at casinos then you can look here for the best craps casinos offering cheap minimums; lessons and the best odds and rules to play this game. One of the things that makes Las Vegas so great […]

Where to find Best Craps in Las Vegas

Craps- Mistakes to avoid when playing
With table games you need to understand the rules of the game and know how to play before you indulge in real money game play. Craps is also one of the most exciting table games with various kinds of bets and strategies to apply. So before you start the real […]

The ten common mistakes you should avoid when playing Craps

Play Craps in Las Vegas
Craps is such an interesting table game that it is widely played around the world. It is loved by players because it is the game played with dice and can be found commonly at every casino and even online.  This game of chance has a low house advantage and even […]

Five interesting facts about craps that you would love to ...

Craps betting startegies
Craps is a perfect game involving betting strategies to apply while playing the game. Many players use the best bets or some use bad bets or some players use the combination of betting both good and bad to win or lose. The main two types of betting strategies involved are […]

The three simple craps strategies that may work or not ...

No one wants to lose any game. Right. But winning and losing are part of any game experience. If you win then that’s for sure you played well and were  good at that particular game and if you lose that means you did not played well and lacked the basic […]

5 reasons why most craps players lose

Craps Table
How often have you forgot your own bet at craps table or any other casino game. You must be amazed as how the dealer at the craps table is going to keep track of your as well as other players bets. You wonder how come the dealer at once answers […]

How craps dealers keep track of your bets

When you enter a casino to play any casino game you will hear from gossip mongers many types of stories related to the game and its beliefs. This happens often when you are playing table games or any card game like Blackjack. Each game though revolves around its own web […]

The 7 most popular Craps Myths Busted

Craps And Dice
Craps as you all know is a game of dice. When you wager for the game play it all depends upon the roll of the dice and its outcome.  That means it is all how you handle the dice and its throw to which your game depends.  As how to […]

The Role of Dice in Craps-It is all in your ...

Craps Tournament
Playing casino tourneys is often the choice of the high roller players or the more professional ones. But even a simple player with not much of experience too wants to enter a casino game tournament at one time or the other. You will find many casinos offering regular tournaments. Same […]

Wonderful Tips to play Basic Craps Tournament

Hop Bet in Craps
Playing Craps is more of a fun if the betting strategy is clearly understood in the game.  As you learn about the ‘Come Bet’ and the ‘Lay Bet’ similarly you will come across a bet called the ‘Hop bet’.  Though in the casinos table layout this bet is seldom to […]

3 Ways to Make Hop Bets In Casino Craps

Craps Dealer
Tipping is one of the fundamentals at the casino etiquettes. It not only is considered a way to be more friendly with the casino staff but also is rewarding when the game of craps is going on at the table. But proper way of tipping is what makes you look […]

The Tipping Strategy at the Craps Table

Chips At Craps Table
While playing at the craps table you might have seen players calling out “Color Please” “Color In Please”, “Color Out Please” or “Color Up” please. All these terms have a meaning to understand. Let us find out what does these call outs mean, why are they said and whom are […]

“Color out, please”- When to do it in Craps

come bet1
Ready to Play Craps! As you are quite familiar with the bets and the strategies for Craps you might be knowing that Come Bets are just like a pass line bet and is a better bet to play. The only thing is that this bet is made only after the […]

Playing Craps With Come Bet