What is Yo Bet in the game of Craps and how it is played?

Yo Bet in Craps

There are many bets in the game of craps that you must be familiar with. One of the bets in this game of Craps is known as Yo bet which is actually a roll of eleven in craps and is called as ‘yo’ or ‘yo leven’ or ‘yo eleven’. This is called out in this way at the craps table by the croupier because the word eleven can easily be confused with seven since the sounds are so similar.

On a simple game table of craps at the land casino, the yo is not present as a big number, but there are tables that offer the yo bet as a single roll wager. This is a high risk-high reward type bet since of the 36 combinations of the dice that can occur, only two of them come up as eleven. In other words, there is a less than 6 percent chance that this bet will be a winner. But when you do win, you will earn 15:1 odds. So if you bet $1, you will get a return of $16 back when you hit this bet. This is obviously a really good thing.

The working of the Yo Bet

The working of the Yo Bet is not so easy as many gamers might think as timing such a bet is tough. A lot of people think that if it’s been a while since an eleven has hit, the odds are in line for it to happen again soon. This is a misconception, though. Every roll of the dice is an independent occurrence, so the true odds of a yo hitting are always 17:1, even if it’s been 100 rolls since the last 11. This isn’t like black jack where each card that comes out influences the identity of the unrevealed cards. Each roll sees the odds reset, so the past has absolutely no influence upon the future. The odds are always in favor of the casino with such a bet since the payout is less than the true odds, but this doesn’t mean that you should just avoid the bet altogether.

As if you’re lucky, the yo is extremely beneficial. So don’t focus on making this a part of your core strategy. Instead of building a strategy around a successful yo bet, make it more a fun diversion from the crux of your game. Look toward coming up with a sound money management system and use the yo once in a while when you’re up money to try and supplement your winnings. You can always throw a few pennies on the Yo, which actually means a $5 bet that Yo-leven hit.

Tips to use Yo Bet in the game of Craps

There’s a smart way to approach this bet in also in a reckless way. First of all, don’t try using the yo to chase your losses. When you’re down, putting money on the eleven might seem attractive, but you need to remember that the odds are against you.

When you’re down a lot, your best choice is to walk away from the table or computer when playing online. The dice are not guaranteed to move in your direction any time soon. So you should only use the eleven bet when you’re up. Start by putting $1 on it each hand. If you lose 15 hands in a row with the yo, try bumping up your bet to $2 for seven hands. Statistically, you are likely to hit an eleven in this time period, but there’s no way to say that this will actually happen for you. In the worst case scenario, you will lose $29. For 22 hands, this isn’t a bad price to pay entertainment-wise. Also if you really are up, this will seem like a small loss. If on the 22nd hand you win, you will have $32 returned to you, after risking $29, so you’ll see a very small profit. This is just one possible way that you can approach this bet. You can make your first Yo-leven bet only when you are ready.

The odds of Yo Bet

The dice will always consist of a 5 and 6. The odds of rolling a yo are the same as rolling a 3 (ace deuce). Rolling an 11 is the second most infrequent number to come up but it has some big winnings and payouts if the player does happen to bet and win using this wager.

The odds of rolling a yo is actually 2 in 36 (17:1). Yet the house pays out odds of 15:1, which leaves a big house edge of 11.11%. This high edge is undesirable because the player loses more money and more frequently since the house takes a bigger cut of the profit over the long term. This is why the eleven bet is usually reserved for players who are “feeling lucky” and can wager it as a proposition bet. The payouts are still nice in the short term at $15 for every $1 wagered.

The yo is a tough bet to win, but it can be fun and it can help you out when the dice are hot. It’s a risky bet, however, so make sure you approach it knowing this and having a clear strategy of how to use it to your advantage.