Mobile Craps Casinos- Latest Trend

In this digital world there are millions of users of smart phones.  The use of Androids and iPhone has become a daily part of life.  Also for the players who wish to explore and play latest casino games and have their updates it has become a necessity to have such games available at their phones now and then. People find it easy to play their game of choice at the casinos over the internet using an android, iPhone or tablet anywhere at any time.

Casinos over the internet that do not have a mobile platform these days are few, as casino software developers and operators have realized that the mobile gaming market is full of new players, who may not have ever visited a casino that works online, much less signed up and deposited money, had it not been for the mobile casino app that attracted them. The good news is that these stand-alone mobile casinos are just as user-friendly and feature-full as web-based and download casino software platforms. Furthermore, Craps, along with slots, is one of the most common and well-developed mobile games available.

Mobile Craps on Different Devices

Mobile Craps casinos have adapted to a number of mobile devices. Some of the most commonly supported devices for mobile Craps casino include iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Windows, and Android. Each are slightly different, and not all mobile Craps casinos support all devices.

iPhone & iPad Craps

Craps Lite

Craps Shooter

Aw Craps


Mini Craps




Apple products are the most valued and have prestigious mobile devices in the world. Both the iPhone and the iPad have become increasingly popular over the past many years. Most reputable Internet casinos now offer a full mobile platform that is separate from their software for computer-based gaming and web-based gaming. Earlier it was virtually impossible to even imagine playing online Craps on an iPhone, much less playing for real money. But now, technology has made up with the demand for such an app, and presently players worldwide are hooked into their mobile casinos day or night and playing real money Craps on iPhone and iPad.

With Apple products mobile casino games engage well. With superior and exceptional graphics, animation and sound effects these make the games run smoothly.

With a promising low limit mobile data plan and Wi-FI connection these Craps mobile apps run on most of the iPhone or iPad for your convenience.

How to Download iPhone/iPad Craps Apps

Whether you are the owner of old version of iPhone or have a new device of iPhone it’s very easy to get started playing at iOS compatible casinos. Mobile casino apps are also available for iPad tablets of any variety.

  • First choose the iPhone/iPad Craps casino you would like to try. These casinos will have the App Store icon displayed on their homepage or mobile page. Once you find the iOS-compatible app, you can download it and register an account.
  • On-screen instructions are provided to prompt you through the download.
    iPhone/iPad Craps feature stunning graphics, and though the iPhone screen is smaller than other devices and you will quickly get used to it, as the graphics and game play are not compromised in most iPhone Craps casinos. They offer specialized options and optimized features that make iPhone/iPad Craps swift, unique, and convenient. For instance, most iPhone Craps casinos are customized for the sensitive iPhone screen, and with just a shake or tap, set the dice rolling. You can see them roll in real time, and try different motions to affect the dice throw. You can even blow on the dice, kiss the dice, and use the same hand motions that you would use to roll actual dice at some iPhone/iPad Craps casinos.
  • For most iPhone/iPad Craps games, you will find that betting is simplified and easy, as there are quite a lot of betting options in Craps. Many apps also include tutorials that outline the betting options and rules of the game for beginners.

Real Money iPhone & iPad Craps

Real money iPhone/iPad Craps games can be played once you fund your iPhone/iPad Craps account. iPhone & iPad Craps casino apps make it easy to reload your account by saving your deposit preferences each time you log in. Secure and instant deposit options in the banking section of your iPhone/iPad Craps casino will be readily available.

Mobile Craps Bonus

Some mobile casinos offer first-timers a deposit bonus to get them started. These bonuses may or may not be eligible for Craps bets, but they are still a good way to start your mobile casino bankroll.

Blackberry Craps Casinos

Craps Trainer


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Are you interested in playing free or real money Craps on your Blackberry? Many casinos over the internet now offer Blackberry mobile apps that support a variety of mobile casino games, including mobile Craps. Blackberry is known for compatibility and endurance, making it the perfect device for mobile Craps players.

Blackberry Craps casinos have managed to turn a dice game that may seem quite solitary into a social game with both single-player and Multi-player functions. Blackberry technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enable Multi-player versions of mobile Craps with the ability to track numerous players at a given time, and thus, bring them together in one game.

Windows Phone Casinos

Craps Windows Phone









Mobile Casinos on Windows phones are also quite popular. Software developers have adapted to the popularity of the OS by making sure that all the games they develop for the mobile casino platform can operate on Windows Phones as well as iPhone and Android. Windows phone Craps casino apps are available free of charge and take a short time to download. Furthermore, mobile casino games play beautifully on Windows phones. The best Windows phones for mobile Craps include HTC, Nokia, and Samsung phones.

How to Download Windows Craps

Windows Craps casinos provide links to Windows casino app downloads that will guide you through set up and installation on your phone. It only takes a second to get started and two to three minutes to complete the installation process. Windows Phones have everything you need to play mobile Craps from anywhere and at anytime.

Android Craps Casinos

Craps lovers looking to spice up their online gaming experience, they can play the most convenient versions of Craps by downloading the Craps apps on their Android devices or playing them via web browser. This means they get to play on the go. There are both real money and free online craps games available to Android Craps players.

The user interface of the Android tablet and Android phone allows for an incredibly responsive load time, and the accelerated Android Air software component lets the mobile casino games access the CPU within the device, allowing games like mobile Craps to run at their maximum capacity, thus, providing a seamless and swift gaming environment. The newest generation of Android phones, tablets, and phablets  from global brands like Sony Ericcson, LG, Samsung, and HTC are all optimal for mobile Craps players who wish to access Android Craps casinos.

How to Play Mobile Craps

You do not need to have an established casino account to play mobile Craps. Simply go to the website of the casino you  selected from your mobile device and find the mobile icon, link, or menu tab that will direct you to the page where you can access the site’s mobile casino. You will be prompted to download the mobile app for your device (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc.).

This app will be your direct access all the mobile casino games available from that software, including mobile Craps; day or night. Play whenever you want via an Internet connection and whichever games you like, whether mobile Craps, slots, video poker, or any other mobile games available.

Download of the mobile casino app should not take any longer than the average app download time on your device.
At some point in this process, you will be given the opportunity to create a new player account or log in if you already have an account. Registering only takes a minute, is free, and is absolutely necessary if you plan on playing mobile Craps with real money. Playing mobile Craps for fun is also an option.

When you are ready to deposit real money, you can do that from your mobile device, as well. The mobile casino app will feature a cashier that offers all the same deposit options that the regular casino offers.