How to play Die Rich Craps?

How to play Die Rich Craps?

Die Rich Craps is a new craps game variant which is not yet popular at many online casinos. Some of its features are similar to Craps but it differs in many ways. The unique features in this craps game is that you when compared to normal Craps Die Rich typically moves at a much faster pace. This craps game was invented by Ken Coleman a craps dealer from Reno Casinos in Nevada. Soon this game was accepted as a game in various other casinos of Las Vegas.

About Die Rich Craps

Die Rich Craps is not played on a standard Craps table. Instead, it is played on small black jack-esque layouts. Only one die is tossed from a cup in Die Rich Craps just like there is only one shooter at a time in Craps. Similarly, in Die Rich craps, the win or loss of other players at the table depends on the win of the thrower. Also due to this strategy, the game becomes faster and every player gets the maximum number of turns.

Rules of Die Rich Craps

Rules of Die Rich Craps

Die Rich is super easy to play. It is essentially a smaller, single-die version of a traditional craps game with far less wagering options. Only four numbers can become the ‘point’. One number will ‘crap out’ a pass line bet, and one will instantly win the pass line. Once a point is set, pass lines move to the come line, as usual. Here’s how it works…

– The 6 is an instant winner in Die Rich. If a 6 appears on the come out roll, all pass line bets are won, paying even money.

– The 1 is the “craps” number. If a 1 appears on the come out roll, all pass line bets are lost.

Every other possible number – 2, 3, 4 and 5 – is safe. If one of them appears on the shooter’s come out roll, it establishes the “point”. At this juncture, all pass line wagers move to come bets, just as in standard craps.

The good news is that there’s no craps roll that will instantly take your Come bet. However, with a point established, the shooter has only three rolls to try to duplicate the point. Doing so produces a payout, and the amount paid will vary depending on when the point rolls again.

– If the point rolls again on the first try, players win a payout of 2 to 1.

– Should the point roll again on the second try, players win a payout of 1 to 1.

– If the point rolls again on the third try, players win a payout of 2 to 1.

If the point is not re-rolled by this time, all player bets are lost. A new shooter takes the die and the process begins anew.

Die Rich Craps is a more interesting, faster and more interactive game than Craps. The table in this game is generally not overcrowded as it is in the case of a regular game of Craps. In addition, every player has an active participation in the game. Players do not have to wait long for their turns and the rules are clear and easily understandable for beginners. Pay outs and odds are less complicated compared to Craps.

To sum it up, the major differences between the rules of die rich craps, compared to standard craps, are:

– Only 1, six-sided die is in use.

– There are no Don’t Pass / Don’t Come bets; players must bet “with the shooter”.

– Shooter has a limited amount of time (3 rolls) to repeat the point before all is lost.

– With only a single die to roll, the rules of Die Rich Craps are twice as easy to learn, but the game is also twice as easy to lose. Basic Pass Line / Come bets have a house edge of 3.7%, as opposed to 1.4% in standard two-dice craps.