What are Craps tournament and how to win them?

Craps Tournament

Craps tournaments are those craps games that are played at online and land casinos with other players in a competitive environment. Though craps is a game of chance, but with a few strategic moves, you could stand a chance to win big at a craps tournament.

You can find many such tournaments at most of the reputable online casinos without having to part with a single cent or even playing with not more than $10. However, despite the low entry fees, the payouts are quite rewarding. But before you get to that stage, there are some things you should know about craps tournaments, especially if you are playing to win so keep reading below.

In any other craps game, you only need to beat the house to become the winner. With craps tournaments, this particular aspect of the game is a little different.

Though you will be betting against the house using typical craps winning odds, but your battle to the top does not end there as you have to do better than your competition. This means that your objective will be to have more money at the end of the game than other players taking part in the tournament. A second best position is usually good enough during the initial rounds of the game, and it should typically secure you a place in the next round during the tournament.

The tournament usually consists of several rounds. But even though two players may continue taking part in the tournament at the end of each round, the final round has to have one winner – the player who will take home the number one position, and at times, the only prize.

Tips for winning the Craps Tournament

If you are determined to win then it is very simple. Players try to throw your competition off your game by using swift and unpredictable moves. If they have a hard time keeping track of your game, then odds are that they will be more nervous and make mistakes that might eventually buy you the first position in the tournament.

Many players start out slow to get a “feel of the game” before starting to bet big. You can hit the ground running by placing a reasonably bigger bet than them and your winning odds for that bet must justify its size. This will make the opponents nervous as they will feel like they have wasted their moves when they should have used them to secure decent wins.

The other thing that will give you an edge is knowing the rules of the game inside out. Craps tournaments usually have special rules that might work to your disadvantage if not properly heeded.

So, before the tournament starts, read through all the rules, and pay special attention to any unfamiliar and unique rules before the game begins.

For instance, a particular tournament might require that you make at least one pass line bet in each round. There could be other variations to this rule, but you should be on the lookout so that you don’t flaunt any special rules and cost yourself a chance to win a handsome monetary reward.

Additionally, you will need to take into consideration how other competitors are placing their bets; and how they are winning or losing them.

Ideally, you should have a rough idea of how the next betting round is going to affect your current ranking; and this includes taking into consideration how other players are faring. But that is not to say you should forget the inherent odds of the game as you play. You have to take into consideration your chances of winning every bet you place.

Therefore gathering and using all this information can get a little overwhelming since it is not something you usually have to worry about when playing regular craps.

So, before you are part of a tournament, you will need to do a little practice so that the process does not get confusing, or even worse, affect your gameplay and cause you to mess up your winning chances. Keep in mind that a craps tournament game proceeds quite briskly, so, get enough practice beforehand.

Last not the least you should know and manage your bankroll properly. Some players will lose simply because they failed to manage their bankrolls properly, which resulted in their bankruptcy long before the tournament is over.