Craps Etiquette- The Little Things That Matter

Crap Etiquette

Are you well mannered to enter a casino and play game? Always there are certain rules to follow when entering a casino. There are table manners, style and the etiquette that is important before you start the game. Like all other casino games, the game of craps too has certain rules to follow.

The Table Etiquette

  • Before you approach the table obviously make sure there is space for you at the table. Its also good practice to approach with the dices placed in the centre of the craps table and with money in hand.
  • You can now proceed to place your money in the come area and tell the dealer, change please. The dealer will either give you your change or tell you change after the roll. Do not try to hand cash to the dealer — the dealer is not allowed to take cash or chips directly from a customer’s hand.
  • When the dealer or box man if present is ready they will count your cash and announce change 100$ or the amount you want to change. At this point they will put your chips in the come area. They will more then likely give you some big chips and smaller chips for tipping the cocktail waitress and small prop bets. Pick up your chips and place them in the chip rack in front of you so they are not on the apron of the layout.
  • All drinks, cigarettes etc are to be kept on the shelf below the chip rack.

Maintain Register Distance

  • When placing your bets you can put your chips in the pass, come or field area but do not place your chips in the box number area. This area is called the cash register and only the dealer may enter this area. If you would like to place a bet on a box number (4,5,6,8,9,10) place your chips in the come area and tell the dealer your stake and the number you would like it placed on.
  • The most fundamental bet in craps is the pass line bet. Nearly every player will make this bet throughout the game. You can wait for a come out roll to place this bet while it can also be placed during the come out roll or even after the box number has been established.
  • A come out roll will be indicated by the black pucker been placed in the don’t come area next to the box numbers. When a number is rolled the pucker will be moved to this box number and this represents the pass line bets winning number. A pas line bet is what’s known as a contract bet and once made cannot be removed from the tub.
  • Once you’ve made your bets, pick your hands up out of the table area. Remember, craps moves fast, and you don’t want to disrupt the game by deflecting the dice with your hands. The table has rails all the way around for players to store their chips. Keep yours directly in front of you, and keep your eye on them. Some players have been known to sneak a chip when another player is not looking.

Hit The Alligator Rubber

  • The stickman will slide the dices towards you and you will pick up 2 with only one hand. Never touch the dices with 2 hands is a craps rule you cannot afford to forget while also remembering not to remove the dices from the tub. The stickman will remove the other 3 dices and place them in the dice bowl.
  • You have the number you want in your head and are about to throw the dices. This is a great feeling but you do need to select the type of throw you are about to perform. The one craps rule you must remember here is that the dices must hit the alligator rubber on the back wall of the tub. You are allowed to flick or lob the dices but like I said they must hit the back wall.
  • It is regarded as bad luck if the dices hit chips on route towards the back wall so a lob might be the best option. This is not one of the many craps rules but to avoid agitating other players and to stay clear of the bad luck that comes with this myth try to pick an empty area on the table and aim for that spot.
  • When you are the shooter, you must fling the dice hard enough to hit the far wall of the table. The table supervisors will want to see the dice in the air — you may not skid them along the layout.
  • Cheer the shooter, root for the point to come up, be as loud as you like — provided you are betting with the shooter. Don’t Pass bettors are not encouraged to join in the revelry. They are betting opposite most of the players at the table, and right bettors have been known to take it personally when a wrong bettor openly roots for them to lose. A player who lets loose with a loud “Come on, seven!” is likely to endure glares or worse from the rest of the table.

Hands Off

  • Don’t get yourself into trouble when dices are been rolled so keep your hands out of the tub. You are probably better off standing back a little because getting in the way could end up with losing bets for the other players around the table.
  • No bets are allowed when dices are out as the dealer cannot enter the tub to place the bets. You should also always wait till the dices are in the middle of the table to get change or make one of the many bets.

Few other Etiquette at the Craps Table

  • Don’t belittle other players for making stupid bets. Don’t act boost and brag craps world by educating the whole table on why they should or shouldn’t make certain bets. However, if someone asks for your opinion or help, then be friendly and do your good deed for the day.
  • Don’t be a stupid to the dealers. Say “please” when you make a bet and “thank you” when they pay you. Those three little words can have a big, positive impact on your time at the table not only with the dealers, but also with other players.
  • Don’t continually whine about your life’s problems. No one at the table cares. The players are there to have a good time, not be your therapist. So, either stop whining or leave the table and take your misery with you.
  • Don’t overtake a table by asking the dealers and other players never-ending questions about what to do. If you’re going to gamble your hard-earned money, the least you can do is know how to play the game. You can though occasionally ask the dealers questions, but don’t overwhelm them to the point that they can’t do their jobs.
  • Don’t hold up the game by constantly complaining that the dealer did something wrong or didn’t pay you properly. Most of the time, you’re wrong. Yes, of course, if you see that the dealer did mistake, then by all means say something but don’t be a jerk about it by accusing the dealer of intentionally ripping you off.

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